Preserving the past and developing a sustainable future for the Wimmera-Mallee region of Victoria.

The Jeparit Preservation Society Inc. (JPS) is registered as a Non Profit Organization to help support the growing needs of local community whilst ensuring the vibrancy of history, tradition and cultural heritage is sustained for future generations.

After closely observing the unique challenges placed upon communities in regional Western Victoria, JPS board members came together to focus on how they could assist in reshaping the demands into positive opportunities. These opportunities are achieved by learning to capitalize on the strengths, dedication and vision exhibited within the Wimmera-Mallee community.

By bringing together like minded individuals and forming partnerships with allied services, community teams, local business and other volunteer organizations, JPS seeks to improve the quality of community life, embrace further funding opportunities, increase tourism awareness whilst supporting the growth of local employment.

Our cultural heritage and the journey taken along the way are important steps in understanding the rich ethnic diversity within our community and the possibilities it presents for both present and future generations. The best way to help influence the future is to actively participate in addressing and learning the issues and concerns of the present.

Partnering with local government, businesses and allied resources.

Establishing the important linkages for social enterprise, community and government relationships will help the networking of common goals for a truly inclusive community.

Preserve history and help develop sustainable community initiatives.

JPS aims to provide progressive programs, service offerings and facilities that will act as a catalyst for the ongoing development of sustainable regional communities  that can adapt quickly to future challenges.

Be inclusive, transparent and practical whilst driving innovative policies.

Understanding and respecting the values of cultural diversity, heritage and the importance it brings to underpinning the social fabric of health, welfare, education and local communities are key elements in our society.


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